Wednesday, September 11, 2013

bullying. it’s been in our schools for years, it’s an epidemic that needs to stop. Director Lee Hirsch has made a documentary titled “BULLY” Hirsch has made this movie to better express how bullying can leave damaging effects on both the family, friends, and the victim. This is proved by alex’s mom being shocked when she finds out how bad alex is being bullied and the fact that alex has gotten used to it was even worse for her to endure. The film has showed that bullying can happen to anyone and that it’s scary and difficult to go through. at the end of the film the victims make a change and do what they can to stay away from it as best as they could.
I agree with Lee Hirsch, bullying is an epidemic it can hurt everyone, I’ve been on both sides.
first the victim, it hurts to be the victim no matter how much you tell them to stop but they won’t, no matter how many counter-threats they don’t stop. It took me punching the kid in the face to get him to stop and i regret it still to this day. Now the bully side, me and my friends used to bully this one kid I started to stop because I began to recognize how we were hurting him my friends however did not. I hate bullying why do kids do it I don’t know. Hirsch uses this documentary to create a mood of sadness or anger towards bullying not only does he do that he does it with flying colors it has been left in my mind and has given me a new view.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I imagine in a good teacher is someone who doesn't want to see his/her students fail so he/she does all she can to help, I also like teachers that are laid back but stern when they need to be. I expect myself to be repsectful and listen to my teacher and do my work. I expect this class to be fun but I have to make fun for myself and I need to give full effort to have that happen