Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

PLN 7: "Web 2.0...The Machine is us/ing us"

"Web 2.0...The Machine is us/ing us"
Dr. Michael Wesch

Michael Wesch’s “Web 2.0…The Machine is us/ing us” educates how computers and the Web 2.0 are starting to use people once they post images and other comments on the internet.  The video starts out with an explanation of how using hand writing is not a very good form of expressing oneself.  Michael Wesch then illustrates multiple web applications, including websites, HTML formats, and Google to explain that people are growing more accustomed to the Web 2.0.  Wesch explains that users are teaching the “machine,” and as the machine starts to learn, it begins to “use” the user instead.  Throughout the video, Wesch portrays people are teaching the “machine” and the machine is growing smarter.
Summary Response:
Dr. Michael Wesch’s “Web 2.0…The Machine is us/ing us” demonstrates the use of the Web 2.0 and portrays a very negative effect on people by making them addicted to the internet.  Wesch expresses his dislike of the Web 2.0 because the web or “machine” is growing stronger as more and more people use it.  An example is when the video explains that over 100 billion people click on webpages every day.  Also people can post things on the internet like pictures, videos, or comments, and once these are posted, people cannot get them back.  The video ends when the writer transcribes a comment saying “We need to rethink ourselves.”  Wesch means that people should rethink their privacy, what they do online, and that they should be aware that the internet can be untrustworthy because people can post things that are based off other webpages.  The idea of the video is that people should stop trying to post immoral pictures or comments on the internet because those posts can end up negatively affecting the user.


Friday, October 25, 2013


In Amanda Ripleys “The Case Against High School Sports” she explains the importance of our education and how high school sports could be influencing that. She gives some examples of schools where this is a recurring issue and what they did to stop it. In one of her examples the school decided to take out sports all together and as a result the students grades were increased significantly due to the fact that they had so much less on their minds regarding athletics. In Ripleys “The Case Against High School sports she show that there is more to bad grades than just laziness.     

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PLN 6: "The Case Against High-School Sports"

"The Case Against High-School Sports"
Amanda Ripley


In Amanda Ripley’s “The Case Against High-School Sports” describes how high school (and college) sports are a big deal in the United States of America.  Ripley provides an example on a test of critical thinking, in math, is the reason why the United States ranks 31st because students are more focused on sports than they are on education.  Ripley questions the role of schools being involved with organized sports and the lack of emphasis on academics. Ripley explains the reason why South Korea, Shanghai, and Hong Kong are ranked the highest on the test is because these countries have a strong focus on academics.  Schools that are failing in education have tried multiple ideas to get education back up on the top priorities, such as, getting rid of all sports.  Schools have multiple sports, and these sports are affecting students ability to learn.


    Amanda Ripley’s “The Case Against High-School Sports”  elucidates that schools are edging students to play sports and not focus on education, which can create a bad future for students.  The author explains that she is worried about the imbalance of schools emphasis on sports and academics, where they put sports first and academics later.  Ripley cited two schools that were trying to make changes by eliminating sports (Premont High School in Texas and Spelman College in Georgia).  Premont shut down all sports so their students would focus more on education, and Spelman College cut sports completely and instead put $1 million into a fitness program for the students.   Premont’s plan was a success, with 80% of students passing their classes instead of the previous year’s 50% of students passing.  Spelman College students lost weight because the fitness program benefited the full student body instead of just 80 athletes.  More schools need to figure out how to balance out education with sports.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


“Footprints in the digital age” by will richardson portrays the idea that people can read about somebody else on the internet and it could be about something personal and the person would never know.  The idea that somebody could put personal info on the web and then have it twisted around into bad ways for other people to see is scary. The idea of putting personal information on the internet is scary in the first place.  There should be places that monitor what type of information is put on the internet.
The thing is though that little kids are also putting information on the internet and these are little kids who don’t know anything about internet safety.  These little kids need to be either taught or monitored about what they should put on the internet.  Like anything that these kids can be put on the internet can be seen By older people.  This is also a cause of kidnapping because these little kids are putting the addresses on the internet and schedules and stuff.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

bullying. it’s been in our schools for years, it’s an epidemic that needs to stop. Director Lee Hirsch has made a documentary titled “BULLY” Hirsch has made this movie to better express how bullying can leave damaging effects on both the family, friends, and the victim. This is proved by alex’s mom being shocked when she finds out how bad alex is being bullied and the fact that alex has gotten used to it was even worse for her to endure. The film has showed that bullying can happen to anyone and that it’s scary and difficult to go through. at the end of the film the victims make a change and do what they can to stay away from it as best as they could.
I agree with Lee Hirsch, bullying is an epidemic it can hurt everyone, I’ve been on both sides.
first the victim, it hurts to be the victim no matter how much you tell them to stop but they won’t, no matter how many counter-threats they don’t stop. It took me punching the kid in the face to get him to stop and i regret it still to this day. Now the bully side, me and my friends used to bully this one kid I started to stop because I began to recognize how we were hurting him my friends however did not. I hate bullying why do kids do it I don’t know. Hirsch uses this documentary to create a mood of sadness or anger towards bullying not only does he do that he does it with flying colors it has been left in my mind and has given me a new view.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I imagine in a good teacher is someone who doesn't want to see his/her students fail so he/she does all she can to help, I also like teachers that are laid back but stern when they need to be. I expect myself to be repsectful and listen to my teacher and do my work. I expect this class to be fun but I have to make fun for myself and I need to give full effort to have that happen

Sunday, August 25, 2013


What I imagine in a good teacher someone who helps students with problems in their homework or on their tests. Students should always come to class ready to learn and listen. I expect myself to get better than a B so that means I have to work as hard as I can and I need to keep up with my homework. I also will need to study a lot for tests so I can get good grades on my tests.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

When I think of reading two things come to mind boring text book or sitting in my bed at home home reading interesting book usually about war. When it is a boring textbook it means a lot more to me because I know I have to read it and understand it cause I will have a test or quiz on it. But when it is a boring textbook it is a lot harder for me to read it because I don’t want to and I can think of Reading means 2 things to me. Sitting in some boring class and just reading some funnier things to do and when I'm doing something really boring like that it is very easy for me to get side tracked for it. When I read my book of choice at home it is a lot easier because I want to read it and I find the subject more interesting and I won’t get sidetracked as easy. Then writing means me having to sit down and write an essay on some assignment which is really hard for me because I hate writing so much!!!! Then thinking means me sitting down and just day dreaming of whatever i have to think about it is kinda of like reading but whatever i'm thinking about.
I think we read because we have to no matter what job we do we will always have to be able to read. So the point of reading at school and at our age is so we become good at it because we have to be good at it in the future. I think we write because we also always have to be good at it no matter what job we do we always have to write like fill job applications or fill out a timesheet. We think because we have to no matter what your doing math, reading, writing, or studying you have to be thinking.
When I read I almost have a picture in my head of what is going on and i picture all the charters and what they would be like. When i write i try to just focus on  that and the one type of writing i'm good at is writing from someone else point of view. When i think im also daydreaming and picturing everything all out and how it will go and how people will react,
when i get confused on a piece of writing I reread it and if it still doesn’t make sense the i reread it again. Also if it is because I don’t understand a word I would pull out my phone and look it up on my dictionary.com app. When I get confused on a piece of writing I just reread everything I have typed and see if i can get back on track.
When it comes to reading it is really hard for me to stay on the book it is very easy for me to drift off. When it comes to writing it is very hard for me to also stay on topic but also to get motivation to write because i hate it. when it comes to thinking it is really hard for me to stay thinking on a boring subject because i want to think about other things like football.
I know i'm successful when I know exactly what I just read and I can tell anyone about what I just read. I know I’m successful at writing when i get a good grade on a paper or the teacher tells me. I know i have been a successful thinker when everyone like my idea and thinks that is the best way to go.
I think the role of a reader is to understand what the writer means by his book and what the message of it is. I think the role of a writer is to write an interesting story that readers would like to hear and a story that the reader can become emotionally attached to. I think the role of a thinker is to come up with the best idea possible.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


What qualities do good teachers, students and classes embody?  What expectations do you have of yourself, of Smith, and of this class?

Make sure to proofread your response, as well as comment and connect to one another's.