Thursday, October 10, 2013


“Footprints in the digital age” by will richardson portrays the idea that people can read about somebody else on the internet and it could be about something personal and the person would never know.  The idea that somebody could put personal info on the web and then have it twisted around into bad ways for other people to see is scary. The idea of putting personal information on the internet is scary in the first place.  There should be places that monitor what type of information is put on the internet.
The thing is though that little kids are also putting information on the internet and these are little kids who don’t know anything about internet safety.  These little kids need to be either taught or monitored about what they should put on the internet.  Like anything that these kids can be put on the internet can be seen By older people.  This is also a cause of kidnapping because these little kids are putting the addresses on the internet and schedules and stuff.


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