Thursday, August 22, 2013

When I think of reading two things come to mind boring text book or sitting in my bed at home home reading interesting book usually about war. When it is a boring textbook it means a lot more to me because I know I have to read it and understand it cause I will have a test or quiz on it. But when it is a boring textbook it is a lot harder for me to read it because I don’t want to and I can think of Reading means 2 things to me. Sitting in some boring class and just reading some funnier things to do and when I'm doing something really boring like that it is very easy for me to get side tracked for it. When I read my book of choice at home it is a lot easier because I want to read it and I find the subject more interesting and I won’t get sidetracked as easy. Then writing means me having to sit down and write an essay on some assignment which is really hard for me because I hate writing so much!!!! Then thinking means me sitting down and just day dreaming of whatever i have to think about it is kinda of like reading but whatever i'm thinking about.
I think we read because we have to no matter what job we do we will always have to be able to read. So the point of reading at school and at our age is so we become good at it because we have to be good at it in the future. I think we write because we also always have to be good at it no matter what job we do we always have to write like fill job applications or fill out a timesheet. We think because we have to no matter what your doing math, reading, writing, or studying you have to be thinking.
When I read I almost have a picture in my head of what is going on and i picture all the charters and what they would be like. When i write i try to just focus on  that and the one type of writing i'm good at is writing from someone else point of view. When i think im also daydreaming and picturing everything all out and how it will go and how people will react,
when i get confused on a piece of writing I reread it and if it still doesn’t make sense the i reread it again. Also if it is because I don’t understand a word I would pull out my phone and look it up on my app. When I get confused on a piece of writing I just reread everything I have typed and see if i can get back on track.
When it comes to reading it is really hard for me to stay on the book it is very easy for me to drift off. When it comes to writing it is very hard for me to also stay on topic but also to get motivation to write because i hate it. when it comes to thinking it is really hard for me to stay thinking on a boring subject because i want to think about other things like football.
I know i'm successful when I know exactly what I just read and I can tell anyone about what I just read. I know I’m successful at writing when i get a good grade on a paper or the teacher tells me. I know i have been a successful thinker when everyone like my idea and thinks that is the best way to go.
I think the role of a reader is to understand what the writer means by his book and what the message of it is. I think the role of a writer is to write an interesting story that readers would like to hear and a story that the reader can become emotionally attached to. I think the role of a thinker is to come up with the best idea possible.

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